Old Man


Finally finished another personal work, this time an Old Man I was inspired by a scene in the Band of Brothers series

the base mesh was done in 3dsmax and sculpted in zbrush rendered with V-Ray

any comment is welcome =)




old_man1 old_man2 old_man3 old_man4 old_man5


lowpoly – Convict

Hello there!

It’s been a while since I posted something so I tought I’d bring you another Free lowpoly character, it took me about a week to finish it, it has 3,544 polygons , was made in 3dsmax, a bit of Zbrush and Photoshop for textures,

It’s animated with basic movements listed next by frames:


jump 35-62

slide 65-100

Download Convict

the file is a *.rar , it contains:

-file *.FBX with the animations ready t be imported in unity

-file *.max of the character

-texture  *jpeg


it’s free!

….so use it at will, just be nice and give me some credit =)




Lowpoly – Ninja

Hello again


This time I bring a another lowpoly character for you, I used it for the Global Game Jam celebrated in my city ,and it was very rushed (48 hrs) but I think it can be quite useful, though it has some flaws.

It is animated and have some basic texturing here’s an image:


ninja_final Download

the file is a *.rar , it contains:

file *.FBX with the animations ready t be imported in unity

file *.max of the character

texture  *jpeg

and preview shot shown here


Animation frames are:

Run                   1 – 21

Jump                 26-42

Front Roll           47-75

Front flip             75-105

back flip            106-136

side flip             146-166     not sure how is this move relly called xD

double front flip  177-210

please feel free to downlad it and use it as you wish.





Dr Froggs lowpoly char for videogames

Hello again

Today I want to share with you another character I did just for fun and curiosity (yes is FREE :D ) , feel free to download it and use him as you wish

I called him Dr.Frogs (Henry Froggs Jr.) , and the design was done by my brother that based him off Indiana Jones, he lost his fedora somewhere (sorry).

Below there is the link to Download it, you can use it as you wish or need , I’m open to questions,comments and suggestions.

Dr. froggs Download

frog1 frog2

He has:

  • 4,176 triagles
  • 1 map of textures included in the download
  • basic skinning
  • and a 3 basic animations(run, run faster, stand ) and they can be looped in the engine

done in 3dsmax 2011 and textures in PS



Somuth the Tyrant

I just finished my last model , I’ve been working on this for so long , but finally is done.

I called him Somuth and he is some kind of ruler of mountain trolls, that was my inspiration to create him.

It was done in 3dsmax , with the displacement done in Zbrush , and the textures mostly in photoshop and Zbrush, it is skinned in 3dsmax using Character Studio, and render in V-ray.

This character took me about a year to finish (only in my free time) from low poly, sculpting, texturing, skining and render





Lowpoly Character for Videogames

To everyone who is learning some animation, videogame developing or are just simply curious about how would a videogame model look, this is something you might find useful. A few monts ago I did this model as practice for the complete process of making a fuctional low polygon asset for videogame developing.

Below there is the link to Download it, you can use it as you wish or need , I’m open to questions,comments and suggestions.

Girl LowPoly Download

This character is about 2,342 triangles has skinning  in Biped (3dsmax of course) a set of textures included and animation too (a little clumsy, I’m not very experienced on animation……yet -_-).

if you are thinking on using it in any engine here are the frames of animation:

walk:  frames     0-50
run: frames      60-90
idle: frame       100

Contents of the rar
3dsmax 2011 file, FBX file 3 jpgs of textures


Hello world!


My name is Edgar Paul Ferretiz I’m from Mexico and this is the first post of my blog, I’m a 3dArtist / developer  , (I know, stange combo). Lately I’ve been more a developer than a 3d artist sadly, i hope that can be reverted soon….

well I hope I can share some of my work and anything cool I find.